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Meet Joe Richman: “With Joel’s help I’ve managed to achieve my goals and surpassed them.”



“I approached Joel Harris as I wanted to get myself into shape, what I ended up achieving was much more than I had hoped. Joel wrote me a fitness plan and gave me comprehensive guidance from the very beginning. After attending the gym for a couple of sessions on my own I asked Joel if he would come and do a couple of one on one sessions with me. I immediately felt completely at ease and comfortable with Joel. We went through all the exercises in my plan and Joel explained and demonstrated each one with complete clarity.  I found myself gaining confidence very quickly as well as gaining an enthusiasm for my workout that I never believed I would have. Joel was very passionate, professional, helpful and enthusiastic throughout my time dealing with him. I would contact Joel very often for advice and information in regards to what I was doing in the gym and he always came back to me promptly and in a manner that was very patient and encouraging. With Joel’s help I’ve managed to achieve my goals and surpassed them. I would whole heartedly recommend him to absolutely anyone who is seeking advice, help, encouragement and anything  in between in regards to fitness or nutrition.”

– Joe Richman


Meet Abbi & Nadia: “Training with Joel and my good friend Nadia has been effective and fun”


“Training with Joel and my good friend Nadia has been effective and fun. Joel gave us individual assessments to suit our personal needs and devised routines that brought out the best in both of us. I have always been afraid of the gym but now i understand the equipment, the routines and how they are benefiting my body as if i have been going for years. The results have been impressive and fast which has really boosted my confidence. Training with Nadia makes the hour go so quickly, and keeps me motivated in and out of the gym. Joel is a brilliant trainer and i look forward to my session every week.”

– Abbi Williamson

“Before I started training with Joel, I really suffered from gym lethargy – I basically was training all the time, well what I thought was training but actually doing all the wrong things. I felt I was constantly working out and dieting, yet not seeing any results.

That’s until, I started training with Joel. He told me that we were going to do a lot of weigh based training to burn fat and speed up the metabolism. To be honest, I was sceptical at first but I started to see results really quickly so was very soon converted! I not only feel stronger, way more lean and toned, I now enjoy training again! I would highly recommend training with Joel for anyone wanting to see long lasting results. He’s a super passionate trainer who will get you to achieve your goals through clever and very effective workout routines!”

– Nadia Sukhdeo-Goodman


Meet David Reilly: “With Joel’s help, my workouts have become more effective and enjoyable than I ever thought they could be. “



“I first began training with Joel over a year ago, mainly because I felt the progress I was making in the gym was much slower than I’d hoped. With Joel’s help, my workouts have become more effective and enjoyable than I ever thought they could be.

It’s great to know that I’m training in a way that’s completely safe and as effective as possible. Joel always has the answers to my questions and I’m constantly amazed by how well he knows his stuff.

His friendly nature and patient tutoring make every session a lot more fun than you’d expect while dragging weights around a gym (in between squats and pull ups we never tire of banging on about our favourite movies or what we’re doing at the weekend).

If you’d told me before that the gym would become one of my favourite places to be I’d have said you were crazy. But thanks to Joel it really is.”

– David Reilly

Meet Daniel Pound: “His training programmes are tailored to your strengths and weaknesses and have been developed to meet my goals.”




“After chatting to Joel for a while in the gym he offered me a free trial session which gave me a great insight to the benefits of us working together. As someone that has always tended to focus on cardio exercise I’d wanted to do more strength training but lacked the knowledge and confidence to get started on the weights. Working with Joel has built my confidence and he’s educated me on form and technique. His sessions are hard but fun and I’ve found a noticeable improvement in strength and muscle development. The sessions have also provided a focal point for my training and motivation to work out during a busy period at work during which Joel has been flexible to accommodate. His training programmes are tailored to your strengths and weaknesses and have been developed to meet my goals. Would definitely recommend giving it a try.”

– Daniel Pound

Meet Kirsty Wilson: “Joel is exactly what I wanted out of a personal trainer”



“Joel is exactly what I wanted out of a personal trainer – he pushes me to my limit, encourages, and educates about how to train well. I highly recommend Joel to anyone from a beginner being introduced to weight/resistance training, to somebody in the know that wants an extra push.”

– Kirsty Wilson


Google Reviews:

“Just started using Joel Harris as PT. He will push and train you harder than any session you’ll ever do on your own. If you want the results, do the right thing and book the sessions.”

Patrick Murphy

“Been training with Joel for almost 5 months, sessions always varied. Always hard work, informative and Joel keeps you motivated to achieving your goals.”

Paul Gregory

“I have trained with Joel for 2 years in Covent Garden and he delivers results. Joel has proved himself through his own achievements but also has the knowledge and power to get results for his clients too. Recommended.”

Dan Ellison

“Joel’s a great PT, reliable, friendly and very knowledgeable. He really tailors a program which at the end of the initial 10 weeks you can see some real improvements that make you want to continue. During the sessions he works you hard, but still manages to have a conversation without it ever feeling unbalanced. I’d definitely recommend him, he knows where it’s at. 👍🏻💪🏻👈🏻”

Paul S

“I would love to say I look forward to my regular visits with Joel, but I turn up and prepared to have my full potential and limits tested, with great encouragement and advise, he understand the body muscle and nutritional needs, two years on I am stronger, fitter, toned, better posture and ready to continue.”

Toby Rundle

“Joel has awesome knowledge of training, diet and all round fitness related info. He pushes you to the limit, even when you don’t think you’re going to be able to push/pull/lift/throw whatever it is. An all round amazing pt.”

 Chris Babidge

“I love my workouts with Joel! They’re great fun, he keeps me motivated (even on days when I don’t feel it) and I’m well on my way to achieving my goals. WOOP!”

David Reilly

“Joel is a great trainer and I would highly recommend him for any one looking for results, he helps me keep my weight in track and build a Better physique.”

Nathan Yuill

“I can’t recommend Joel highly enough. The diet and training plan he designed for me have been brilliant. He really knows his stuff and how to get results. Great guy too.”

Nick Rees

“Great trainer, got my started on my journey to better health and physique!”

Shakiru Okunade

“Loveliest PT out there – hard working and teaches you exactly why your doing each set. Highly reccomend”

Abbi Williamson

“Joel is an amazing personal trainer, he’s completely transformed the way I feel and look! I feel so differently about training, I used to dread working out but now it’s actually quite fun!”

Nadia sukhdeo-goodman

“I’ve been training with Joel for 6 months now and really noticed a difference. Diet and training plans have been spot on and training sessions are fun but he still pushes you and makes sure you get the most out of every session. Highly recommended 💪🏽”

Omar F

“I have trained with 5 personal trainers in London over the years and Joel is by far the best. He doesn’t waste my time on the machines, or with excessive stretching – we are lifting the heaviest weights I can manage for the full hour. I have lost 7 pounds over 2 months and have never felt better. He is also super encouraging and a solid guy as well. Highly recommend!”

Christine Miyagishima

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